UK-based legaltech startup seeks talented developer to fill role of CTO and co-founder

UK-based legaltech startup seeks talented developer to fill role of CTO and co-founder
Are you a professional who doesn’t want to work just for the sake of working, who can solve non-standard tasks and who has been told since childhood that you are a born leader?

If so, you are in the right place
About us
The company, Legal Data, is registered in London but has yet to secure funding. It has garnered support from one of the most renowned startup founders, Ivan Maryasin. We’ve obtained loans from Amazon and Microsoft, participated in several accelerators (LawTechUK, Barclays accelerator) and are initiating a collaboration with the Oxford Law School.

Legal Data now boasts a team of 18 people. This is not just a team but a whirlwind crew—cohesive, confident, and crucially, free of passengers. Every team member is an expert in their field, fully committed to achieving our collective goals. The company is led by Angelina Sevostyanova, one of the youngest women to head such an initiative in a traditional industry.

Feeling constrained by the slow progress of a traditional law career, Angelina took the bold step of creating a legal tech startup. Her vision is for AI to revolutionize the legal sector. She has successfully elevated legal firms to a high income level, earning her first income from legal consulting without ever being employed by others.

The team at Legal Data is growing rapidly. Critical update: we are in urgent need of a talented developer to join as a CTO and co-founder who values academic freedom.
Key Requirements
A PhD in Computer Science or a related field in development
Experience in startups
A passion for freedom
Responsibility and optimism
Ability to set and achieve goals
If you meet the above criteria
Or want to work with the best team in the galaxy and change the world, even if you have a different professional background but are ready to move mountains, please click on the link below to take the Candidate Selection Test
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